AuraSolutions currently offers three varieties of Aura Extract. Each bottle of extract is handled individually in order to assure the highest quality of authenticity. In our production process, qualified artists transfer their very own contemporary spirit of authenticity during the labeling process. Our skilled technicians then combine the authentic essence with aura and essence specifically designed for each product.

AuraExtract The ORIGINAL©

Our Aura Extract ORIGINAL© will reinvest your art objects from A to Z with the essence of a one of a kind object deeply embedded in its cultural tradition and use value.


Essence of the Masters©

This Extract is Specifically Designed to Enhance reproductions of great works of the masters. From drawings and paintings of Da Vinci to the sculptures of Michelangelo and Bernini. .


Tribal Essence©

Tribal Essence is our newest hand crafted extract designed to reinvigorate objects inspired by a tradition in ceremonial use. Use this extract on African masks to beaded costumes, medicinal pouches, and more!

Check back often for new products, as we are expanding to find new solutions to enhance video, film, music, speeches and more!


If you have a project in need of authenticity, let AuraSolutions work for you. Contact us for more information on commissions and other projects.

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