Essence of the Masters©

This Extract is Specifically Designed to enhance reproductions of great works of the masters. From drawings and paintings of Da Vinci to the sculptures of Michelangelo and Bernini, our Essence of the Masters will reinvest the hand of the artist into your reproductions. Recommended use in conjunction with store bought posters or Google Image search or other web-based image searches.


Use one bottle per image or objects. For very large objects (images over 15 sq ft, or three dimensional objects exceeding 30 ft^3, two or more bottles may be necessary.) Place both the bottle and the desired object on a dark colored surface, such as a black towel or table cloth. Do not allow anything else to touch the objects or the cloth.

The aura transfer process happens through the dark cloth. It is not necessary to remove the cap. The aura transfer process generally takes 24 to 36 hours. Keep the objects and the aura in a dim area, and avoid direct sunlight during this process.

After the transfer process is completed, remove the bottle from the black cloth first. Wait an additional hour before moving the object.

You may now integrate the authenticated object into your home or lifestyle. You will notice the imbued essence in your object by the way it swells with the pride of hand craftsmanship and spiritual essence. You may wish to place the aura extract bottle next to the object on display.

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