My company is dedicated to reinvesting mass produced and reproduced objects with the essence of authenticity. As humans, we all love to surround ourselves with beautiful objects that enhance our daily lives. But not everyone can afford expensive paintings, ancient artifacts, or blessed relics.

Fortunately for us, modern technology affords everyone the opportunity to purchase a reproduction. But factory assembled objects, and digital representations just aren't the same as a one-of-a kind work of art. What are they missing? Aura! And we've got just the solution.

Here at AuraSolutions, we believe that everyone deserves authentic objects, and we are committed to providing you with just that. In this site you will find hand crafted products specifically designed to reinvest the spirit of authenticity into the objects in your life.

By using AuraSolutions specifically crafted extracts, you can bring the hand of the master painter back into a reproduced painting, bring the magic of the shamans into replicated masks, and bring the spiritual energy into mass produced memorabilia.

The need for AuraSolutions™ Products was first recognized by 20th century philosopher Walter Benjamin in his essay, “The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction.” In the essay Benjamin describes how, in the age of photography, film, and certainly since the advent of the internet, the work of art is no longer unique, because it can be replicated. It is no longer necessary to visit the museums in order to see the paintings of the masters, because it is so easy to view a replication over the internet, or purchase a reproduction.


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